Automotive Testing Facilities | Californaia

The client's business model was smog testing, a service that is needed once every two years. The client's competition was automotive repair services. Their differentiation was that they were a test only facility. The client had a minimal marketing budget. The brand concept had to be powerfully unique in order to create awareness as well as make an impression that lasted for years until the customer had a need for the services

Our strategy was to leverage "curiosity" utilizing the facility as branding. This was accomplished by designing a unusual truncated pyramid building. Contrary to the industry practice, the building was placed to hide its function. Everything from the naming of the business, the logo, and all collaterial material related to the shape of the buildings. Each building's facade was done as a unique sculpture.

The buildings created tremendous awareness which resulted in a significant percentage of the market share. ACC became the top volumne provider in California. The Buildings were editorialized internationally in publications as diverse as the Wall Street Journal, WWD, Abitare, and Sculpture magazine.

Auto Convenience Centers
Conceptual Strategy, Branding, Facility Design